75% of Women have pain

during sex at some point in their lives. Little is being done about it. Solutions have been limited to numbing gels, physical thepary, or simply ignoring it, but not anymore. Privy Peach has changed thousands of lives by helping alleviate the discomfort while increasing pleasure. Women Deserve pleasure and pain free sex, and CBD lube helps support that.

the best CBD lube that actually works

Our #1 Best Seller

Our Intimate oil was our very first creation, and by far the fan favorite, when it comes to helping discomfort.

Thousands of repeat customers. This product helps you enjoy sex as it was intended, without any form of numbing. It increases pleasure while quelling discomfort.

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Our #2 Best Seller for Discomfort

Our first latex compatible product. Hydro Glide is similar to our Intimate Oil, but it is an isolate instead of a broad spectrum. This product was created for those who need something latex compatible or have a coconut allergy.

This product won the innovative product of the year award in 2021 for being the first all natural product of its kind.

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#3 For Discomfort

Our Break Free Tincture is clean, pure, broad spectrum CBD that can help with all kinds of discomfort from your head to your toes.

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