No More Faking it

80% of Women admit to faking the big "O" at some point, and 35%-40% fake it EVERY SINGLE TIME. It is time to stop. Our products can help you reach climax more effectively, intensely and more frequently.

CBD Erotic oil

Our #1 Best Seller for Pleasure

Our Erotic Oil was our very first sensation product. This product is great for even the most sensitive vulva. The rush of pleasure is instantaneous and has a cooling and warming sensation all in one.

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Our #2 Best Seller for Pleasure

Our Hydro Glide Sensation is similar to our Erotic Oil, but it is an isolate instead of a broad spectrum. This product was created for those who need something latex compatible or have a coconut allergy.

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#3 For Desire

Our Tantric Tincture is clean, pure, broad spectrum CBD that can increase not only desire, but pleasure too!

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