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Hemp Infused Hydro Glide Relief Intimate Serum

Hemp Infused Hydro Glide Relief Intimate Serum

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Enjoy sex as it was meant to be enjoyed. Your most intimate areas will have a circulation boost and relaxation with our PH-balanced Hydro Glide. One of the few Hemp Infused intimate serums on the market that is compatible with condoms, all thanks to nano fractionated water-soluble hemp extract.

All-natural, vegan-friendly, effective and soothing formula.

Benefits of Hydro Glide Relief

  • Ease any pain or discomfort during sex
  • Provides moisture, relief, increased pleasure, and a smooth glide.
  • Intensify and enhance sensation in a natural way
  • Helps you unwind and enjoy sex as it was meant to be enjoyed
  • Compatible with condoms
  • 250 MG Hemp Extract
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Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Water Nano Fractionalized hemp Isolate, Ionized Water, Natural Vanilla Flavors, Plant Based Starch

Directions for Use

How to use: Pump the desired amount to yourself or your partner to get started. Pump over your fingertips before applying for added control and to prevent
spills. You’ll be able to predict how much you’ll need with enough
practice. Never forget that you can always apply again!


180 MG CBD (This box comprises 12 single-use pouches with a CBD content of 15 milligrams each.)

Weight 2 OZ

Volume 36 ML

Dimensions 2.5in x 2in x 3.75in


Water based